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Direct. Bold. Intense.

These are the words my clients have used to describe me. I’m known for providing input that hits you "right between the eyes" which inspired the name of this blog. Read on...


Excuse Me?

“Then one day she got tired of listening to her own excuses.  And everything changed.”   While I was finishing up a short run, those two sentences appeared in my head almost as if the…

Worth It

On occasion one of my clients in my career coaching practice, Career Conversations, will ask me for insight or suggestions as to the type of work I think they should pursue. While I am so honored (…

Lane Assignments

Yesterday afternoon I cheered on my son at his one and only track meet of 2021. He is in 8th grade and excited to be running outside with his friends on a beautiful day - albeit a little brisk. What…
Career Direction

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I help people find fulfillment in their careers and help businesses create stronger teams.