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Workshop Topics

Workshop Topics

Engaging. Relevant. Inspiring. Interactive. Fast-paced.

Attendees have written these words on many of my evaluation forms after my workshops, and I work hard to provide the content and energetic delivery that will compel your attendees to continue sharing words like these.

My workshop topics are customized to accommodate your timeframe, from 45 minutes to 4 hours. Let’s connect to discuss your target outcomes, audience needs and a customized plan for follow up to ensure your attendees take action on what they learn.

FOcus On the 5th Question

Speak to Succeed

winning Teams: Lessons from a High School Cross Country Coach

These workshops also make great additions at college student orientation sessions, backpack-to-briefcase readiness events, and career fairs.

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"Gina brought a lot of attention to helping us think about what kind of presence we have."