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For Meeting Planners

10 Reasons to hire me as your next speaker:

  1. My goal is not to just talk to your attendees – my goal is to give them something to talk about.
  2. You want engaged attendees who will not only share positive feedback but who will make the decision to attend next year’s event based on how much they liked attending this year. I get this!
  3. Following a pre-event conference call, we will discuss the specific needs you have to ensure successful outcomes for your attendees.
  4. I interact with your attendees the moment I arrive. I’ll be there during coffee breaks to answer questions, I’ll stay for the lunch to continue the interaction and if you’d like, I can keep it going through the cocktail reception and dinner. My goal is to make you shine.
  5. I provide additional value after the event has concluded through follow up information you can use to remind your attendees of the key take-aways and their action items. My content is sticky!
  6. I include a customized handout for your attendees to capture notes.
  7. Energetic has always been the first word used to describe me.
  8. Do you want to incorporate a “first timers” networking session the night before your conference to ensure your attendees get the most out of their experience? I’m happy to facilitate that.
  9. I’ve been promoting events for other companies and organizations for years – and I’m happy to promote yours to my network.
  10. Following your event, I can refer you to another speaker for next year to continue your track record of positive feedback and successful outcomes.