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Virtual Career Networking

Virtual via Zoom

Find your way! Join me twice a month for an engaging conversation via Zoom with business professionals who are looking to stay connected, share a few laughs, and expand their professional network. Participants have an opportunity to introduce themselves to the group, ask questions and share insights about their career plans, AND learn about topics relevant to their professional growth. Since Covid-19 has kept many of us from attending our regular in-person business networking events, Virtual Career Networking has provided a safe and easy way to remain active in this brave new world we are now navigating. 

Each meeting is centered around a theme to guide our conversation and also incorporates an informal presentation on various career-focused topics. 

Join me on Thursday, April 8th for a discussion about how to organize your job search. Active job seekers need to create systems to ensure they are keeping their focus on what matters in a job search. It starts by identifying the top three activities you need to accomplish each day (determine what these are by asking yourself the night before, "What is the next best step I can take tomorrow?") then scheduling your day around those activities, and keeping track of all the details for each company you have applied to.  We'll talk through this and a whole lot more on Thursday, April 8th at 4pm Central Time. 

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Talent Development Presentation

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