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Full Life Mirror

In my role as a career coach, part of my job is to hold up what I call the "full life" mirror for my clients so they can truly see themselves, their brand, their attitude, and their abilities and I work with them to determine whether they are bringing that entire person into their work.
I use the phrase "full life" mirror because we are so much more than our job titles and yet, for far too long it has been indoctrinated in us that we have to show up only a certain way in our professional lives. For 15 years in my own corporate work experience, I became quite good at showing up that certain way. Clients and colleagues alike would refer to me as the "consummate professional" and I was always prepared, always ready to deliver, always a step ahead.

Only rarely did I allow people to see the rest of me. 

Maybe you've had a similar experience. Perhaps your boss (or more likely, your boss' boss) has even shared a comment like "we leave our personal lives at the door." And if you were like me, that left you feeling not only confused, but maybe even a bit inhuman. 

Now, this isn't a call to bring your fuzzy bunny slippers, messy bun, and your "RBF World Champion" coffee mug into the board room. But it does mean you have to have the confidence, capacity, and courage to be your whole self in your professional life. 
Because that is the unique, amazing person only YOU can be!

And who is that person? Now that's a great question!

If you are in your 20s or early 30s, you may still be figuring that out. 

And if you are closing in on the age of 40, or you crossed that marker some time ago, it's quite possible that when you turn to look at your reflection in your "full life" mirror, you only see the fun house variety. You know what I'm referring to right?

That silly carnival-style mirror that shows imperfections, emphasizes what you don't like about yourself and obscures reality. 

And maybe you see that reflection because you've been listening too long to only some of the voices in your life. They are usually the loudest ones. Heck, it may even be your own voice, saying things like: 

"Who do you think you are?"

"Why can't you see it my way?"

"You're just too [emotional, sensitive, dramatic, touchy-feely, complicated, stubborn, etc...]

"You know what your problem is?"

"What's wrong with you?"

Let's work on changing how you hear these voices. 

Let's look into the real mirror together and step into our full life. 

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I look forward to connecting with you!

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