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About Gina

About Gina

I’m a speaker, a career coach, a writer, a runner, a wife and mom of two busy teenagers.

I’ve been a lot of other things too – print sales rep, SAP implementation specialist, e-commerce manager, product development manager, editorial manager, and agency account manager. (And those were just my paid jobs!) During all of those past roles, I’ve always been the speaker. For the kickoff event, the training seminar, the sales pitch, or the conference program – and being the speaker was the role I loved most. So in early 2019, I decided to be intentional about the next 20 years of my career and well, here I am.

What Can I Help You With Today?


I love engaging with audiences. I’ve been doing it ever since I stole the stage from my mom when I was 10 years old. When I get a chance to be on stage, I take it, and it’s as simple as that.

Today, I lead workshops on topics that matter (or should matter!) to business professionals – networking more effectively, speaking more confidently and working toward achieving their personal best. And I tell a lot of stories, include a lot of audience participation, and have a lot of fun!

When I’m not speaking or writing, I’m working with clients as they navigate the process of career transition. They might be out of work due to restructuring or downsizing (something I experienced myself) or they are feeling “stuck” in their career. While they don’t necessarily hate their career, they are starting to ask themselves the question “Is this what I was meant to do?” more and more often. They need a guide, a Sherpa, a coach and I offer them Career Conversations.

Making new connections is what fills me up, so feel free to send me a message. I would love the opportunity to hear what you are looking for in terms of your next event speaker. I customize everything so a conversation is the best place to start. Let’s Connect.

For an extended version of Gina’s background, click here.